.well, you may be a lover but you ain't no dancer


i just rediscovered the beauty that is the soundtrack of across the universe, one of my favorite things to wear thin. dana fuchs, tv carpio, jim sturgess, and it's not flawless but that movie feels so good. it sounds so good (that adorable way they sing jai guru deva, god) and it looks so good and i think it's the kind of reassurance we all need now and then.

.this is just horrible

 This is like 2004, I feel so bad, hope all of you/everyone you know is alright, and that the worst of it is over. It's really surreal, the images and videos, and the news is making it clear that more is yet to come. People I know are alright thankfully, though still checking. 

If you (like me) are going crazy looking for people who have gone as tourists, hotel phone lines are getting through in most areas and you might want to try the embassy. You might want to try the Google Missing Persons service as well. In a lot of areas, only pay phones and wi-fi are working, so it might be a while till contact is made. Hoping and praying everything is alright, though.

.this is the real face of ㅋㅋㅋ

for [info]mnemonic_psych 
title: dibidibidis
pairing: choi minho/kamenashi kazuya
premise: minho said at a japanese fanmeeting that kat-tun are of his favorite japanese bands
word count: 6000
a/n: i hate you, V, now i have no confidence in this, totally changing my password. also, taemin stole minho's hair irl and i stole amber's for jonghyun. i still find minho dull as hell, just so we're clear on this. also i'd like to pretend this was more well thought-out than it reads so please, join me, won't you?

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